Celebrity Weight-Loss Transformations and Stories Of Success

Whether it’s to feel healthier overall, to fit into that outfit you’ve had lurking at the back of the closet, or a chance to have a brand new start – there can be plenty of reasons we want to change up our lives. Although it might seem easy enough to think about eating healthier and exercising a bit more, it can be tough to stick to the new ways. We just need to focus on the end goal, right? That is until we see that piece of chocolate cake and it all goes out the window. Sometimes, we need a bit of motivation to keep us going. So who better to look to than some of the biggest stars in the world? That’s right; these celebs have some of the most inspirational weight loss stories that help to keep us on track as we, too, strive to succeed. Whether it’s the beginning of a long road or the end of an incredible journey, there is always room for a little bit of motivation.

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has always had a major presence on our screens thanks to her role in Pitch Perfect. However, with a name like “Fat Amy,” it might be easy to assume that Rebel was always destined to be a certain weight. But outside labels shouldn’t define who a person is, and Wilson did exactly that. One day she simply decided to change her lifestyle and in many ways to chnage her whole life. She got pretty tired of the bullying and the constant remarks towards her weight.

It got to a point where all people would ever notice when talking or interacting with her was her weight. Enough was enough. The star turned to exercise as a way to drop the pounds, and it all paid off in the end. Of course she paired the exercise with a healthier relationship with food, but she claims that doing regular exercise is what really made it for her. Rebel admits her agents were stunned when they saw her incredible transformation.

Zach Galifianakis

Zach is one of the biggest comedy actors in Hollywood. This is thanks to his numerous characters, and undiscussable talent, of course. But it looks as though there was something that was always holding him back: drinking. In fact, the actor admits it was his excessive drinking that caused him to gain so much weight in the first place. Of course, the drinking wasn’t only bad for his weight, but it developed several habits in him that he was definitely not happy with.

Even though drinking can be an easy and quick way of avoiding the pressure that it is to live in the spotlight, he knew that he couldn’t keep going down that path. Zach decided enough was enough and quit the stuff all together in 2014. It wasn’t long before he dropped a whopping 50 pounds, and has since realized the error of his old habits. He hasnt gone back to drinking and lives a much healthier lifestyle today.

Meghan Linsey

You might all have heard about Meghan Linsey from her participation in The Voice. Although Meghan Linsey was booted from the competition, this talented singer has gone on to carve an incredible career for herself over the years. She was sure that that was her dream, and in many ways, she knew she was good. So she followed her heart and made it! In parallel to that, she dropped 25 pounds.

The talented musician has also admitted to falling back in love with fashion. So there you go, a musician and a Fashionista! Linsey has also managed to create a storm in the media for her protest at the NFL game in 2017 after she was invited to sing the national anthem. She has surely gained a lot of attention from the media when the whole thing happened, but not things seem to be mellow again. It seems as though Linsey really is a new woman!


Eminem is considered one of the absolute best rappers of our time. Anyone will agree with this! The singer rose to fame in the 90s and just kept dropping beat after beat. Is renown all over the world. But even one of the best rappers in the world can battle with the bulge and struggle with weight-loss. At some point, the rapper kept gaining weight at an exponential level, and simply lost control of his health.

It was a dangerous experience with sleeping pills that saw Eminem turn to running as a way to produce natural endorphins as an alternative. The rapper ran a staggering 17 miles a day until he dropped from 230 pounds back down to his more familiar frame of 149 pounds. Eminem admits all his exercise burned around 2,000 calories a day – just what he wanted to get his sleep back on track and his weight back in his control.


It wasn’t long after Adele emerged on the music scene that she hit the highlight of fame thanks to her powerful voice. The singer dropped everyone off their feet with her voice, and in a very small amount of time, she became a major reference for music all around the world. However, many were quick to criticize the singer’s weight. Her weight had become a motive of gossip and criticism in the media, to a point where it was completely unacceptable for her. She had struggled with her weight since her younger years and had tried to lose it many times.

The more the media attacked her though, the stronger she became. She refused to hold her words back and made sure to respond to her critics. Adele was quick to respond that she represented the majority of women all around the world, but that didn’t stop her from hitting the gym and overhauling her eating habits to drop the extra pounds. Now, the singer has become a significant inspiration for fans all around the world. We love you, Adelle!

Wendy Williams

Ahh, the one and only Wendy Williams. I mean, who has never heard of this gossip news queen? This voice of the nation has helped many people over the years thanks to her talk show. She is known for approaching different subjects within pop culture and the Hollywood industry, but she also talks about more meaningful things, and her weight struggles were one of them. A couple of years ago, Wendy shared her struggles with losing weight and admitted that she was in need of some assistance herself.

The star admitted she never felt happy in her body no matter what outfit she wore and couldn’t bear to keep going. Thankfully, after dropping 50 pounds over the course of three years, Wendy now feels a lot more confident and has learned not to fight her body but to work together to stay healthy. She also advocates for healthy living and for loving our bodies no matter the shape we have. You go, Wendy!

America Ferrera

America Ferrera started her journey as an actress from a pretty young age. The talented actress is known for her role in films like the Disney original Gotta Kick It Up! (2002), and the drama-romance The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005). She ventured into different TV roles afterward until she landed the leading part on the comedy-drama Ugly Betty. Ugly Betty ran for four years, and it was the stress and pressure of filming Ugly Betty that allegedly saw America Ferrera pile on the pounds.

However, the actress was desperate to change. Although America is a firm believer of starting every day with breakfast, the star confesses she had to be firm to swap out any junk food for healthier fruits and vegetables. To top it off, America took a variety of supplements to help boost her metabolism as a kickstart to her weight loss journey. Today she feels better than ever and the healthiest she has ever been.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is one of the many American Idol contestants to have a public battle with her weight. She rose to fame in 2004 when she became a finalist on the third season of American Idol. She placed seventh but went on to thrive non-stop in her career. She made her film debut as Effie White in the movie Dreamgirls (2006). Her acting was remarkable, and she even received an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress. Like, whaaaat? That’s definitely some talent there.

The singer confesses she never realized her growing weight throughout her pregnancy, and almost didn’t recognize herself after becoming a mother. Jennifer soon turned to Weight Watchers a way to lose the 80 pounds she needed to get back to her former self. For the singer, it was all about teaming exercise with a balanced diet to build her new figure. She succeeded in her weight-loss journey and has become an example of perseverance for her fans, and for her family and friends.

Kirstie Alley

Well, Kirstie Alley, what can we say. Since we know her, despite her amazing talent, the actress is known to have really battled with her weight and her being constantly in the spotlight. Unfortunately, this actress has been in and out of the headlines for her constant battle with her weight, even after a successful time on the Jenny Craig diet. She kept bouncing back to her initial weight, and had become almost hopeless. However, that was about to change in 2009.

Alley decided that if she didn’t change her life consistently then, it would never happen. She couldn’t bounce back once again. At some point, Alley tipped the scales at 230 pounds and wanted to change her life for good. Kirstie signed up to Dancing with the Stars where she was able to drop a whopping 90 pounds. She might not have won the show, but Kirstie finally beat her weight and for sure won in life and in health.

Star Jones

Being on TV can make it hard to keep your weight issues a secret, and that was no exception for Star Jones. The TV host was constantly attacked for her weight and her looks, and she just couldn’t deal with it any longer. So she decided to take drastic measures. The host of The View ended up heading for a gastric bypass after complications from her weight began to threaten her life.

It’s tough to get to the point where being overweight starts affecting one’s health so seriously, but for Jones, that was the sign she needed to take a definite step. Star has since gone from 307 pounds down to almost 150. Unfortunately, her weight loss meant that Star was let go from The View, but has since enjoyed living a much healthier lifestyle instead.

Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim is a name that many of us recognize thanks to her many years on the rap scene. However, life hasn’t always been easy for this musician. Lil’ Kim was forced to live on the streets as a teenager before she rose to fame.

Although Lil’ Kim has worked hard to overcome her past demons, it seems as though it was signing up to Dancing on the Stars that helped her kick the 20 pounds she was looking to lose.



Rosie O’Donnell

This comedian admits she would always pretend she was smaller by buying stretchy clothes. However, reality came crashing down in 2012 after Rosie suffered a heart attack. She knew it was time to change her entire life and opted for weight loss surgery as the way to get things back on track.

Rosie ended up losing a staggering 175 pounds and says her relationship with food finally came to an end after years of struggling to break the tie.


Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, admitted she has always had a troubled relationship with food. In fact, as a teenager, Sarah confesses she would comfort and began to pile on the pounds. As an adult, the Duchess weighed in at 190 pounds. It was time to change.

Sarah puts her weight loss down to a strict regime of healthy eating teamed with regular exercise. Although the journey was incredibly tough, Sarah admits it was worth every difficult step.


Fat Joe

It might be no surprise how this rapper earned his nickname. Although he was Fat Joe for many years, it took a major blow to get him to change. Fellow rapper Big Pun passed away after his weight caused him to have a heart attack.

That was it. Fat Joe was determined to lose 100 pounds through diet and exercise and came out the other side looking like a new man. However, he admits it’s key to cheat every now and then.

Mila Kunis

Although this actress has always been known for her slim figure, it was a role in Black Swan that saw Mila Kunis determined to drop 20 pounds. The actress admits that she has always had a love for food and it was going to be tough to get into the role of a ballerina.

However, her journey has now given Mila a new perspective on weight loss. The star believes that anyone can lose weight if they put their minds to it.


Jake Gyllenhaal

Here we have one actor who is certainly determined to fit a role. Jake’s time as a boxer in Southpaw saw the star pile on plenty of muscle, but that all changed when he was offered a part in Nightcrawler. Now, Jake needed to drop all the extra weight.

The actor cut out a massive chunk of his diet and even turned to diet pills as the way to lose the weight. Although not the healthiest, Jake sure is dedicated to a part.

Casey Donovan

It looks like it was too much fame too soon after Casey was crowned the winner of Australian Idol at just 16. Casey began to comfort eat to cope and soon piled on the pounds. Although it has been a troubled journey to lose the weight, she did it!

Casey admits it was all thanks to clean eating and avoiding the old bad habits that helped her to drop the 79 pounds. However, she isn’t done as Casey still wants to lose more weight.

Jason Segel

Jason was about to hear the news many would dread: he needed to lose weight if he was going to get a part in The Five-year Engagement. However, Jason blames a previous movie for gaining all the weight in the first place.

The film was shot in New Orleans where the actor enjoyed plenty of the local food and drink that was on offer. Thankfully, he was greeted to an on-set nutritionist and trainer who both helped Jason drop the extra 30 pounds.


This teen star had a troubled start to her career after music producers convinced JoJo she needed to drop weight if she was going to become famous. JoJo began to eat just 500 calories a day as well as turning to hormone injections as a way to curb any cravings and suppress her appetite.

Although she lost the weight, JoJo admits she now knows how unhealthy her habits were and has been permanently mentally scarred by the whole experience.


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Joseph R Gannascoli

Staring in The Sopranos helped Joseph R Gannascoli to shoot to the height of fame, but the actor was going to be in for a lengthy battle with his weight. Joseph eventually opted for lap band surgery as a way to help and lost 40 pounds shortly after the operation.

However, the actor now has a whole new way to cope with his weight: he writes about it! His debut book has combined healthy recipes with a thrilling plot line.

Jordin Sparks

American Idol was the starting point for Jordin who soon shot to fame thanks to her talented vocals. However, her weight soon began to creep up, too. The singer started walking around her neighborhood and promptly fell in love with mountain climbing.

Jordin doesn’t rest when she is away either. Although the star admits to hating running and avoiding the treadmill at all costs, Jordin will often seek out a Zumba class or two for the cardio workout she craves.

Paula Deen

Being a celebrity chef can make it hard to avoid the temptation of food. Team that with Paula’s love of butter and she was soon piling on the pounds. Even being diagnosed with diabetes back in 2009 wasn’t enough to change Paula’s ways.

That was until 2015 when the chef decided enough was enough. Although Paula still loves to cook, she admits to trying to use less butter and has lost a staggering 40 pounds so far on her journey.

Mo’Nique Imes-Jackson

Although Mo’Nique Imes-Jackson has always been proud of her size and curves, it seems as though a health scare was enough to get her to change her ways. Mo’Nique admits she believed she could eat what she wanted whenever she wanted without a thought about the effects on her body.

However, getting diagnosed with high blood pressure was enough reason to change. Now, Mo’Nique thanks her children and family for being the support she needed to lose 90 pounds.

Sasha Pieterse

Unfortunately, Sasha Pieterse was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome which quickly saw the star gain a whopping 70 pounds. Although it was going to be a battle to drop the pounds, Sasha was determined to change her life around and turned to exercise as a way to battle her weight.

It wasn’t long before all her hard work was rewarded with a chance to appear on Dancing with the Stars. The show helped Sasha to drop an impressive 37 pounds so far.

Susan Boyle

Britain’s Got Talent was in for a surprise back in 2009 when singer Susan Boyle graced the stage. The singer touched many with her version of I Dreamed a Dream, but it was her recent weight loss that had most people talking. Susan was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and was inspired to drop 30 pounds.

The singer admits her weight loss is thanks to cutting out the cake and candy, as well as working out four times a week for 45 minutes.

Megan Fox

It looks as though it was her pregnancy back in 2012 that saw Megan Fox reach a weight she was unhappy with. In fact, the actress was determined to get her figure back as quickly as possible, and set about making her dreams become a reality.

Megan cut out all form of carbohydrates, including bread, chips, pretzels, and crackers, as well as anything else she considered unhealthy. The star also admits to having no cheat days along the way – what dedication.

Russell Crowe

Russell is another actor in Hollywood who will change his entire body to get into the part of a role. Many of us remember Russell from his days in Gladiator, but it was getting a part in The Nice Guys that saw him put on extra weight.

Russell admitted he wanted to change in 2016 and was determined to lose weight. Unfortunately, his divorce from ex-wife Danielle Spencer seems to have seen Russell gradually sneak back up in weight once more.

Lea DeLaria

Lea has gained plenty of fame for her role in Orange Is the New Black. However, the actress was soon diagnosed with high blood pressure teamed with Type II diabetes. To top it off, Lea was told that a healthy diet was her only hope to regain her health.

The star went on to cut out almost all carbs from her diet and dropped a staggering 50 pounds. Lea also admits her new medication means she has much less of an appetite.

Miranda Lambert

It looks as though Miranda had enough of being overweight. However, the country singer was often on the road and didn’t have time to head to the gym. That was no excuse, and her personal trainer created a routine that Miranda could perform no matter where she was.

It wasn’t long before the star lost almost 20 pounds. Although Miranda admits there are certain guilty pleasures that will always remain, she is determined to stick to her new lifestyle and diet.


It was learning he had developed diabetes that was enough to give Timbaland the motivation he needed to lose weight. The music producer began to opt for healthier snacks, such as almonds, as well as going for slow, long runs on the treadmill, and sticking to a six-week metabolism-boosting regime.

After just one year of change, Timbaland’s symptoms had almost entirely disappeared. As if that wasn’t enough, the music producer was a whopping 130 pounds lighter and nearly unrecognizable.

Jason Alexander

This actor is most recognized for his time on Seinfeld where Jason played the part of George. However, the actor was determined to change his life around by dropping a few pounds. Jason soon cut his daily calories from a staggering 4,500 calories down to only 1,500, as well as adding in some extra workouts every week.

After six months of hard work, Jason had been able to work off a total of 30 pounds and admitted to feeling a lot healthier.

Matthew McConaughey

It seems as though some stars will do anything to prepare for a role. The world was amazed to see Matthew emerge 38 pounds lighter for his part as the HIV/AIDS victim in The Dallas Buyers Club.

The actor admits he had to specially control his calories to drop the weight, but often craved a cheeseburger. Thankfully, Matthew could indulge all he likes in 2016 after getting the news he needed to gain weight to play a part in the film Gold.

Leah Remini

Being a comedian and actress means Leah Remini has spent plenty of time in the spotlight. However, not many people know she was once 80 pounds heavier after gaining the weight during her pregnancy. The star then struggled to battle her weight.

Thankfully, Leah landed a part on Dancing With the Stars that helped kickstart her weight loss journey, while the star puts the rest of her success down to The 1st Personal Diet – a diet personalized on blood test results.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has always been famous for her curvy figure, but it was during her second pregnancy that the star piled on more pounds than she planned. Kim was then determined to change to feel good about herself once again.

The reality star began to follow a hardcore workout routine as well as a strict Atkins diet as a way to drop the extra weight. Thankfully, Kim loves to workout and admitted the real struggle was with her diet.

Forest Whitaker

This 6-foot-2-inch actor has always made quite the presence when he enters the room. However, he was once much heavier than his slender frame we are used to now. Forest Whitaker became a vegetarian and took up hiking and martial arts as a way to drop the extra pounds.

On the other hand, Kiesha, the actor’s wife, had many worried that she was underweight. Thankfully, they both seem to have leveled out anyone’s concerns about their health and weight.

Shonda Rhimes

Although Shonda as busy working as a TV producer and writer, the star admits she always felt invisible to the rest of the people in the field. In fact, Shonda says it wasn’t until she dropped the extra weight that she was taken seriously.

The star confesses the secret to her weight loss was regular exercise teamed with a low-carb meal plan that helped her to lose 127 pounds. Now, Shonda just hopes her children will be proud of all her hard work.

Tyler Baltierra

Many of us might recognize Tyler Baltierra from his time on Teen Mom OG, but he has since become a huge social media star. Tyler and his wife Catelynn both admit to battling mental illness and depression which made Tyler’s weight loss journey even more impressive.

Tyler admits he was worried about posting a before picture, but uploaded his progress to show off his newfound torso after the reality star finally hit his goal weight – although admitting it took months of work.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore has made a name for himself in Hollywood thanks to his many documentary films, but the star knew his weight was causing some major health issues. That was when Michael decided to get help before it was too late, and checked in to a clinic specializing in weight loss.

Here, Michael worked to eradicate anything harmful from his diet, including all sugar, and began an exercise regime. Now, the director almost looks like an entirely new person.

Lena Dunham

Not only is Lena Dunham one of the stars of the show Girls, but this actress has also been in and out of the headlines thanks to her weight loss. Many wondered about the diet she was following to lose weight. However, Lena had a harsh truth: she was sick.

Thankfully, the actress was able to overcome her illness and turned to a professional trainer, Tracy Anderson, as a way to help recover and get her body back to looking healthy once again.

E.J. Johnson

This star shot to fame thanks to his father, basketball player Magic Johnson. However, E.J. soon embarked on his own reality career where he showcased the story of his gastric bypass surgery.

The star admits this was the operation he needed to turn his life around, and just wanted to become the best version of himself. Now, E.J. has been able to shed a ton of weight and says that his mindset on food has been completely changed.

Bryan Cranston

It looks as though this star wanted to lose weight the healthy way as Bryan enlisted the help of a personal nutritionist to get his health back on track. Bryan was careful to devise a plan that meant he never went hungry, could have snacks whenever he liked and would help him drop a few pounds.

The actor admits to taking a bag of mixed nuts or dried fruit wherever he went, and it seems like keeping his appetite in check was vital.

Anna Gunn

Although Anna Gunn was never overweight, the Breaking Bad actress was unhappy with medication she was taking as it caused her to gain weight. Many media outlets began to comment on Anna’s weight, and she decided it was time for a change.

Anna puts most of her weight loss down to running around after her two children, as well as her regular pilates sessions and a healthy meal plan. As if that wasn’t enough, Anna even saw off a home intruder in recent months.

Carrie Fisher

This actress shot to fame as Princess Leia in the Star Wars Franchise. However, many years battling a narcotics addiction and mental health issues saw Carrie’s weight creep up. The star turned to a personal trainer for help which saw Carrie drop down 30 pounds in just a few weeks.

Tragically, the actress was traveling on a flight from London to Los Angeles when she suffered from a heart attack in the air. Carrie passed away on December 27, 2016.

Lauren Goodger

Lauren was at the height of reality TV fame when the media and public began to make demeaning remarks about her weight. The star was determined to change, so enrolled in an all-juice weight loss plan in Portugal, as well as heading to the operating room for liposuction.

Although many worried Lauren had gone to extreme measures, she defended her diet choice by saying she felt utterly detoxed from the inside out and felt as though she couldn’t be healthier.

Lavell Crawford

This comedian and actor admits he has always struggled with his weight, but Lavell knew he had to change his ways if he was ever going to drop the pounds. Lavell opted for a gastric sleeve to help stop putting his body under unnecessary pressure and began to learn how to live a much healthier lifestyle.

As well as his new eating habits, Lavell has also taken up exercise to shed the pounds. Apparently, his favorite is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gym.

Mariah Carey

This singer has been known to have one of the most powerful voices in history. However, it was Mariah Carey’s weight that got people talking after she began to pile on the pounds from her 2011 pregnancy.

Mariah later opted for a gastric bypass as a way to beat the haters and is so far more than 30 pounds down. However, the star admits that she isn’t done just yet and plans on dropping even more to become the healthiest version of herself.

Aretha Franklin

Although Aretha is mainly recognized for her big voice, the singer has also become known for her large frame. That was until an interview with Wendy Williams where Aretha admitted she has lost more than 85 pounds.

Many people began to question if Aretha was struggling with health issues, but the singer revealed the weight loss was down to cutting out harmful foods and replacing them with much healthier options instead. Unfortunately, this soulful singer passed away in August 2018.

Mischa Barton

It wasn’t long before Mischa Barton found herself caught up the world of celebrity parties. However, all those late nights teamed with mental health issues, and substance abuse meant it wasn’t long before the media was all over Mischa’s story.

The star claims the headlines were always commenting on her weight for being too large or too small. Now, it looks as though Mischa has been able to battle many of her demons and reached a healthy weight at last.

Al Roker

Millions of viewers have got to know Al Roker over the years thanks to his time as a news anchor. Although many always recognized Al for his large frame, that all changed in 2002 when the star underwent a gastric bypass.

Al began to lose a ton of weight until he fell off track and regained many pounds. Al decided it was time for a significant change and got back on top of his healthy eating, and even began to cycle every day.

Rob Kardashian

The Kardashians have been all over our news feeds thanks to their various products and changes over the years. It seems as though brother, Rob, is no exception. Back in 2016, Rob announced his weight had climbed to 248 pounds, but he was looking to change.

The reality TV star disappeared from the limelight for many months only to return a new person. Now, it seems as though he could have reached his goal of weighing less than 200 pounds.

Holly Hagan

It looks as though reality TV stars have a tough time keeping their battles against their weight away from the media. Holly Hagan shot to fame after appearing on Geordie Shore, but it was her weight loss that got people talking the most.

Holly admitted to following the Body Bible tips that helped the star drop 42 pounds and reach a size 8. Holly reveals that she knows the importance of letting loose every now and then to stay healthy.

Keely Shaye Smith

Apparently, even being married to a former James Bond hasn’t kept Keely safe from the media. The previous model was criticized for her weight, and husband, Pierce Brosnan, was quick to jump to her side. However, Keely has been working hard to change her diet and exercise plan.

Now, Keely is a staggering 105 pounds lighter! The star is often seen with her husband at all the top red carpet events around the world where Keely shows off her new figure.

Monica Seles

It seemed as though life couldn’t get much better from professional tennis player Monica Seles. That was until she was playing a match in Germany where the star was stabbed. The trauma of the event saw Monica begin binge eating as a way to cope with the event, and it wasn’t long before she piled on the pounds.

Monica eventually regained control of her diet with the help of metabolism-boosting tablets. Although she retired in 2008, Monica still remains active, too.

Nicole Richie

Ever since she was young, Nicole Richie has been seen at all the latest celebrity parties. However, her time in the limelight saw Nicole slim down and become the center of many eating disorder rumors.

Thankfully, the star has since been able to regain control of her life and enjoys life at a much healthier weight. Now, Nicole focuses her time on raising her two children as well as various acting roles and working on her designer line.

Drew Barrymore

It wasn’t until Drew Barrymore’s divorce from Will Kopelman that the actress turned to food as a way to cope with the stress. However, Drew admitted that she put on a few too many pounds. After getting cast in Santa Clarita Diet as a zombie, Drew decided it was time to shed the extra weight.

Drew Barrymore in a navy dress on the right, and Drew looking a lot slimmer in a back dress on the right

The actress worked hard to cut out all pizza and fast food from her meals, and replaced them with healthier options that helped her slim back down.

Guy Sebastian

This singer was determined to shed the extra pounds he had been carrying for the last few years, and thought the best way to tackle the issue was by following the ketogenic diet. The plan works by increasing protein intake while decreasing carbohydrates in a bid to force the body to use fat for energy instead.

Guy Sebastian wearing a blue tank top on the left, and Guy a lot slimmer in a gray suit and black trilby hat on the right

Although many argue it isn’t the safest of diets, Guy managed to drop the weight in a mere eight weeks before restarting his career.

Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey had been working hard to lose weight for ten years but had always been unsuccessful. To top it off, the actress was then diagnosed with diabetes. Gabourey decided the only option left was to opt for surgery but insists it wasn’t the easy answer to her issues.

Gabourey Sidibe in a blue dress on the left, and Gabourey after her weight loss surgery in a printed dress and denim jacket on the right

In fact, Gabourey admits the operation has helped change her relationship with food as well as give her the motivation to start exercising. Unfortunately, the actress still get annoyed by comments on her weight.

Chris Sullivan

This Is Us has taken over in the last few years, and Chris Sullivan is one of the lucky few that gets to star in the series. Although Chris plays an overweight character, many fans were amazed to see his transformation in real life. It turns out that Chris actually wears a fat suit in the show.

Chris Sullivan wearing a fat suit in This Is Us on the left, and Chris slim in a black suit and matching hat on the right

Many argued that Chris’ role should have been cast to a heavier actor. However, Chris feels as though the part was given to the right person.

Melissa McCarthy

Although Melissa McCarthy had been trying to lose weight for a number of years, it seemed as though nothing would work. The idea of surgery tempted her, but Melissa wanted to do it on her own. The star began to jog every few days and started taking a weight loss supplement.

Melissa McCarthy with dark hair and a black dress on the right, and Melissa 75 pounds lighter with light hair on the right

It wasn’t long before Melissa has lost a whopping 75 pounds. The actress now says that getting control of her weight and health was the best decision she’s made.

Valerie Bertinelli

Some of us are pushed to keep going by the number on the scales. However, it’s not always the facts and figures that can show we are becoming healthier people. Sometimes, it’s all about learning to be comfortable in our own bodies and using non-scale victories instead.

Valerie Bertinelli wearing a purple shirt after gaining 175 pounds on the left, and Valerie a lot slimmer in a black dress on the right

That’s precisely what Valerie Bertinelli strived for. The actress gained around 175 pounds when she decided it was time to eat more vegetables and start doing fat-burning workouts as a way to get healthy.

Carnie Wilson

Carnie Wilson rose to fame thanks to her incredible voice, but it was her 300-pound frame that had most people talking. The singer decided to head to the surgery room to tackle her weight issues. Unfortunately, Carnie was back up to her previous weight after her pregnancy.

Carnie Wilson with red hair in a leopard print dress on the left, and Carnie a lot slimmer in a plaid skirt and black top with blonde hair on the right

Plus, the star admitted to replacing drink with food thanks to an addictive personality. Although it looks as though Carnie has a brand new battle on her hands, we’re sure she can do it again!

Adam Richman

Taking on some of the biggest eating challenges on the planet can make it easy to pile on the pounds. However, Adam Richman was determined to battle his body image issues once and for all.

The star has since been dabbling with many vegan diets in a bid to drop the extra pounds and has even started a regular workout routine to battle the bulge. Adam reveals the changes have all helped him to become a lot more comfortable in his body.

Christina Aguilera

This singer has had one of the biggest influences on music in the 21st century thanks to her powerful vocals and moving lyrics. However, Christina Aguilera has been seen in and out of the spotlight over the years.

The singer admitted she needed to take some time away from Hollywood as all the stress had caused her to pile on the pounds. Christina later returned 49 pounds lighter, and thankfully feels better than ever with her new figure.

Tami Roman

Tami Roman decided to change her life when she gave up smoking. However, the Basketball Wives star, unfortunately, had the side effect of weight gain. It wasn’t long before Tami was tipping the scales at 185 pounds and knew she needed to change once again.

The star began to take a weight loss supplement and confessed to losing 7 pounds in one week. After taking up yoga, Tami continued to lose even more weight until she had dropped 40 pounds.

Craig Robinson

It turns out there are many different ways these celebrities have undergone significant weight loss, with Craig Robinson putting his down to giving up drinking and becoming a vegan. The actor confessed he had read how someone can regenerate their liver in just six months and wanted to give it a try.

However, after the six months was up, Craig never returned to his old ways. Pretty soon, Craig learned he had dropped 50 pounds, and is now a full-time vegan.

Ricki Lake

This actress says it was actually her weight that helped her get many roles over the years. However, Ricki Lake soon learned the effects that carrying around 130 pounds of extra weight would have on her body.

The star began to skip meals in a bid to lose weight, but thankfully soon learned how to tackle the issue through healthy eating and exercise. Now, Ricki is a slim size six and weighs almost half of her heaviest weight.

Austin “Chumlee” Russell

Pawn Stars is the reality show that many of us have fallen for over the years, as it has also given us the chance to see Chumlee transform before our very eyes. Chumlee decided a gastric sleeve bypass was the only way forward.

Amazingly, the surgery helped him to drop a staggering 192 pounds. Nowadays, Chumlee admits that he sticks to a balanced diet, starting with a juice smoothie every morning, as well as hitting the gym six days a week.

Alison Moyet

Yazoo was one of the biggest ‘80s bands, with Alison Moyet as their lead singer. The star was known all around the world by the time she was 21 years old, but many were quick to comment on her weight.

Alison was under even more pressure in recent years as the media believed she had reached new weights altogether. The singer was determined to change. However, Alison now admits she needs to gain back some of the pounds as she lost too much.

Roseanne Barr

It seems as though there is nothing Roseanne can’t do, including losing weight. The actress and comedian ended up under the knife to get control of her weight and explained her new diet was all about moving more and eating less.

The gastric bypass helped Roseanne to lose a staggering 200 pounds, but her time in the limelight was about to be tainted. Roseanne was axed from the reboot of her show after making inappropriate comments on social media.

Jason Sudeikis

Some people have individual meal plans or exercise regimes up their sleeve to lose weight. It seems as though actor Jason Sudeikis has one all of his own, and all he needs Olivia Wilde, his wife.

Jason admitted the key to his 20-pound weight loss was all thanks to getting down like rabbits with his wife/gym partner. As if that wasn’t enough, Jason admits his workout routine is a lot more fun than most others, and he has the greatest workout partner.

Alec Baldwin

Occasionally, celebs seem to get a health scare that sees them looking to change their lives. Alec Baldwin was no exception. As soon as the actor heard he was pre-diabetic, he seemed to his wife for help to drop the extra pounds and reduce the symptoms.

It turned out that eating at irregular times and having a high-sugar diet were both to blame. Now, Alec has a whole new relationship with food as well as a love for plenty of healthy meals.

Delta Burke

Being a model can have a significant impact on someone’s body image, and it looks as though Delta was no different. The youngster went on to win Miss Florida, but soon developed an unhealthy relationship with food.

The media were quick to point out the extra pounds and Delta was determined to get her figure back. It took a lot of determination to stick to the exercise and diet plan. Thankfully, Delta was able to stick to it and drop the extra weight.

Graham Elliot

Working as a chef and being around food all day can make it hard to say “no” to any temptations that come your way, and it wasn’t long before celebrity chef Graham Elliot weighed in at a staggering 400 pounds. He was determined to change and booked in for a gastric sleeve.

Thankfully, the doctors admitted Graham was the perfect patient as his motivation saw him drop a ton of weight. To top it off, Graham is much happier with his new self.

Holly Madison

Holly Madison was once one of the leading Playboy models in the world. However, having a baby has seen the star determined to return to her old figure. Although many rush to lose baby weight, Holly is taking it slowly through a delivered healthy meal service while using a waist cincher to help aid her figure.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also relies on pilates to help burn the extra calories. Holly admits she just wants to be healthy again.

Melissa Joan Hart

This actress has had plenty of practice at shedding the baby weight after having three children. Melissa thanks Mark Wilkerson, her husband, as the pair are often seen working out together. However, when she’s flying solo, Melissa confesses she loves to attend cardio classes.

Not only has her new figure helped Melissa to feel more confident, but the star admits she also now feels as though she can do anything she likes, as well as being more emotionally in control.

Chrissy Teigen

During her first pregnancy, Chrissy Teigen announced she had gained around 40 pounds. The star was determined to change and took her fans along for the ride as Chrissy embarked on a life filled with exercise and healthy meals.

As well as releasing a cookbook filled with nutritious ideas, Chrissy also had some more news – she was expecting baby number two! The little arrival came in May 2018, and Chrissy is now continuing with her healthy lifestyle once again.

Sara Rue

Although Sara is used to appearing on our screens, it might now be hard to recognize the actress thanks to her inspiring weight loss journey. Sara confessed she had always battled against her weight and never been able to win.

Thankfully, that all changed when Sara decided that enough was enough. The actress has since discovered she can control every aspect of what goes into her body and has joined Jenny Craig for even further meal and exercise inspiration.

Randy Jackson

Randy is the TV personality and music producer always made quite the impression – especially thanks to his 350-pound frame. That was all set to change when Randy became one of the many celebrities to opt for gastric bypass surgery.

The star admits it was a life in The South that fuelled his unhealthy diet, teamed with plenty of drinking. After trying almost every diet in the world, Randy has been able to drop more than 100 pounds thanks to the op.

Snooki – Nicole Polizzi

Here we have another of the many reality TV stars that have publicly battled with their weight over the years: Snooki. The star rose to fame after appearing on Jersey Shore but has since changed her partying ways.

In fact, as well as getting married and having two children, Snooki has also been working hard to drop 50 pounds. Snooki has also lost the nickname “Meatball” thanks to working out with a personal trainer five days a week.

Reza Farahan

Shahs of Sunset is another reality show that has kept us on the edge. However, when one of the stars of the show, Reza Farahan, was asked to give a before photo at the start of the sixth season reunion, he was horrified at the result.

It was time to change. Reza decided the perfect time was December 26, 2016, as he continued to work hard for eight months. In that time, Reza not only toned up but also dropped 43 pounds.

Kevin Liles

Although this man is often working behind the scenes, Kevin Liles is one of the biggest names in music thanks to his time at Warner Music and Def Jam Records. However, it looks as though sitting in the recording studio soon saw the pounds pile on.

Kevin knew he needed to change, and thought there was no better way than to opt for a gastric bypass. Thankfully, the surgery as a success and Kevin has been able to lose a ton of weight.

Lisa Riley

British soap Emmerdale has created a ton of stars over the years, including Lisa Riley. However, the actress soon shot up to a UK size 28. After working hard to stick to a healthy eating plan, Lisa was quickly able to drop down to a UK size 12 as a result.

The star says it was all about cutting out drink and snacks, reducing her portions, starting to exercise, and giving up smoking. All of those combined have led to a much healthier lifestyle.

50 Cent

This rapper was once the man that many people feared. However, that all changed in 2012 when 50 Cent landed a part in All Things Fall Apart. Here, the musician was to play someone battling cancer and thought he would push his body to the limit to get into the role.

That included nine weeks of extreme dieting and exercising that included a nearly entirely liquid diet. Thankfully, 50 Cent soon regained his former size and was looking much healthier again.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been in the spotlight ever since she was a youngster, and has been the topic of many gossip magazines. Miley was once a Disney star turned pop princess and has now returned to her country roots once again.

However, it seems as though all those parties and TV sets soon caught up with the star. Miley now admits that her gluten-free diet and regular sessions at the gym are what help to keep her healthy.

Tyra Banks

Even being a supermodel doesn’t keep these celebrities safe. Tyra Banks is one of the many that has come under fire in the last few years as the model took some time away from the camera and was a few pounds heavier than we were used to seeing.

Paps everywhere rushed to snap the star, but Tyra was quick to shoot them down. She insisted everyone is beautiful and it only took a few healthy changes to get her figure back.

Kate Winslet

Pregnancy can be a reason many of these celebrities are looking to tone up, and Kate Winslet is no exception. The actress admits that it took a lot of healthy eating coupled with intense cardio workouts to melt away the extra pounds and regain her figure.

Although Kate is happy with her new frame, she confesses she hasn’t stepped onto a scale in more than 13 years. Perhaps it goes to show there is more than the number on the scale?

Oprah Winfrey

This talk show host has always been open with her fans about her weight and battle to lose the extra pounds. Before the turn of the century, Oprah admitted to weighing 237 pounds. It was time to change.

Oprah signed up to Weight Watchers where the celebrity dropped 40 pounds pretty quickly. That’s not all. Oprah now says she won’t be happy any time she is over 200 pounds as she knows the damage the extra weight has on her body.

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott used to love a diet filled with junk food. That was until a doctor warned of the dangers that came with being so overweight. The singer decided she needed to cut out all her unhealthy food and even began to hit the gym throughout the week.

Although Missy was diagnosed with Graves’ disease, she admits that her thyroid is nothing to do with her losing 30 pounds. In fact, the weight loss is all thanks to her strict exercise regimes.

Nicole Sullivan

Unfortunately, Nicole Sullivan’s weight continued to creep up over the years. That all changed when she signed up to a meal delivery service that saw healthier, portioned meals arrive straight to her door.

Nicole says that her weight loss journey became so intense it started to take over her entire life. Thankfully, it all paid off in the end as the actress was able to drop 35 pounds. To top it off, Nicole is now a Jenny Craig spokesperson, too.

Khloé Kardashian

The Kardashians have become known for their enviable figures, but it seems as though Khloé has had to battle hard to achieve hers. The reality star admits she has always turned to food for comfort in times of stress, especially ice cream or chicken wings.

Team her habits with a divorce and Khloé soon packed on the pounds. Thankfully, it’s Khloé’s competitive nature that sees her take on her sisters in the gym whenever they have a family workout session.

Drew Carey

It seemed as though being the funny big guy was what gained Drew Carey so much popularity over the years. However, the comedian knew that he couldn’t continue his unhealthy lifestyle just to get some laughs.

Instead, Drew decided to cut out all carbohydrates and begin exercising for 45 minutes a day, it wasn’t long before Drew was ready to show off his new body as the comedian now stands at a staggering 20 pounds lighter. Quite the inspiration!

Josh Kelly

UnREAL is the drama show that has had many of us hooked over the years. However, it was the star of the show, Josh Kelly, and his transformation that had many of us talking.

Josh admitted he had grown close to his character on the show, and lost weight to try and fit to the role of someone suffering through trauma. Altogether, the actor has dropped a staggering 70 pounds and almost looks like a completely different person thanks to his makeover.

Janet Jackson

It’s no secret that Janet has had her fair share of trauma, but it was taking some time to focus on her personal life in 2005 that saw the singer gain a lot of weight. Janet began to follow a pescetarian diet and work with a personal trainer as a way to improve her figure before she made her way back to the media.

Janet is now ready to get back on stage and show off some of those incredible dance moves.

Jessica Simpson

Although this singer has produced a number of hits, it is her roller coaster weight loss journey that got many people talking over the years. Jessica admits it was not paying attention to her meals and portions during her first pregnancy that saw her gain so much in the first place.

Amazingly, Jessica went on to lose a total of 50 pounds and didn’t make the same mistakes the second time around. She is now even a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

Dr. Dre

It seems as though there is no part of music that Dr. Dre hasn’t been able to conquer over the years. As well as producing many musicians, the rapper also has his own successful music career as well as many businesses under his belt.

However, it was issues with his blood pressure that saw Dre looking to change. The 53-year-old began to hit the gym and is now looking stronger than ever thanks to plenty of muscles and clear health tests.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris has been climbing his way up through the world of acting ever since he was a teen. However, it was landing a part in In the Heart of the Sea that saw the actor’s dedication pushed to the limits. Chris admits they had no time to lose weight away from the set and they were all forced to slim down while filming.

Apparently, their meals would sometimes consist of just a couple of crackers, a celery stick, and a boiled egg.

Ricky Gervais

Believe it or not, but Ricky admits that his love of wine and sausage addiction were two of the biggest obstacles he had to overcome when trying to lose weight. The comedian says he was slim up until his 30s where Ricky lost control of his eating.

It took a lot of work with Jane Fallon, his girlfriend, to ensure they both stuck to healthy meal options and their running plan. Eventually, Ricky was able to shed an impressive 40 pounds.

Queen Latifah

It was this actress’ curvy figure that gained Queen Latifah so much attention all those years ago. Although the star loved her curves, Latifah wanted to make sure she was still living a healthy lifestyle.

Although she would once shy away from exercise, Latifah now admits the gym is her home away from home and loves doing cardio exercises and yoga with her personal trainer. Plus, Latifah’s diet is filled with protein, fruit, and vegetables for the first time.


This singing superstar has always admitted that her children are her reason to live the healthiest life and be a role model. However, it was key lime pie and cheesecake cravings from her pregnancy that saw Pink pile on the pounds in the first place.

The singer was left 55 pounds heavier as a result, but she had a plan, the musician soon enlisted the help of a personal trainer and says that she feels more in control and healthier than ever before.

Seth Rogen

It was once simple for Seth Rogan to get cast as the funny large person in any movie. However, Seth was determined to change his character once and for all by shedding a ton of weight. Now, it looks as though the actor has matured thanks to his chiseled jawline and cheekbones.

Seth was able to lose 30 pounds in 10 weeks after using his five meal method. The star stuck to five smaller meals teamed with a fat-burning exercise regime.

Jimmy Kimmel

There have been many diets that have gripped the world, and now it seems as though Jimmy Kimmel is the latest celeb to get on board with the trend of the 5:2 diet. The meal plan works by eating healthy meals for five days a week and then fasting on just 500 calories for two days.

Although not everyone is onboard with the idea, it looks as though Jimmy has been able to maintain his 182-pound figure thanks to the plan.

Timothy Spall

Timothy has appeared in a variety of productions, but it was his time as Peter Pettigrew in the Harry Potter franchise that has earned this actor most of his fame. Although Timothy was on the larger side for the part, the actor soon slimmed down when he was cast in Electric Dreams.

Timothy admits it is his love of food that made it so hard to lose the weight, and his transformation was so incredible many fans no longer recognize the star.

Abby Lee Miller

Dance Moms was the controversial show that saw young dancers go head to head to please their coach, Abby Lee Miller. However, the star was in a competition of her own: one to lose weight. Medication for her diabetes combined with losing her mom saw Abby lose a ton of weight, but things have since taken a bigger turn.

The star is now in hospital finishing treatment to battle a form of cancer that could potentially leave her wheelchair-bound.

Dawn French

Some people like to keep their weight loss hidden from the media, but not Dawn French. No, this actress wanted to show off her hard work to the world. Even at 60 years old, it seems as though this star has been able to stick to her changes by walking more than ever and eating low-calorie meals.

Dawn’s inspiration came after she was told she could be able to recover from an operation much faster if she lost a few pounds.

John Goodman

Although John Goodman has never been a small actor, it was when his weight tipped over the 400-pound mark that he decided it was time to change. The actor took an all or nothing approach as John began to exercise no less than six times a week as well as cutting out all sugar and drinking, as well as giving up smoking.

Now, John is a whopping 200 pounds lighter and looks like an entirely different person to the Roseanne star.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly is one of the many Osbournes that has kept us entertained over the years. Unfortunately, it looks as though her years in nightclubs were enough to see her weight catch up with her. Kelly soon signed up to Dancing with the Stars as a way to battle the extra pounds.

However, Kelly was also fighting Lyme disease. What’s one of the side effects? Weight gain, of course. Thankfully, Kelly proved everyone wrong and has turned her life around.

Sam Smith

This singer seems to have been the pop sensation that has risen out of nowhere but has grown to become one of the biggest stars on the planet. Sam Smith’s powerful voice has earned him several places in the music charts over the years, but he was determined to get the figure of his dreams.

The singer decided to cut out refined sugar, dairy, and gluten as well as doing regular training sessions to get rid of the excess weight.

Chaz Bono

This star was determined he wouldn’t head to the surgery room in a bid to lose weight. Instead, Chaz wanted to do things the old-fashioned way. The budding actor hit the headlines when he was announced as one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars but not for the right reasons.

Many believed Chaz was looking on the larger side and he was determined to change his ways. Chaz used the show as a way to kickstart his weight loss journey.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill is another actor in Hollywood that was once known as the funny larger guy that could dominate any role in comedy. However, Jonah admits his weakness was beer. The actor said that when he doesn’t drink the stuff, he can lose weight, but struggles to keep it off otherwise.

Although Jonah admitted he wishes there was a magic pill that could make the extra pounds melt away, the actor was happy to achieve his final figure through hard work.

Ed Sheeran

Although Ed has never been on the larger side of life, this talented singer was once living a much more unhealthy lifestyle to the one he enjoys today. Ed admits he has never been on a diet but decided to cut drink out of his life in a bid to become a healthier person.

It seems as though the change has helped Ed to take on a much more mature appearance, as well as losing some of the extra pounds around his babyface.

Jared Leto

There have been many actors that have dedicated to their roles over the years, but not many have pushed the limits as far as Jared Leto. This actor and musician has been seen at all kinds of shapes and sizes over the years.

However, Jared’s role in Dallas Buyers Club was the one that saw him drop a staggering 40 pounds form his already slim frame. To top it off, the star admits he achieved the look by barely eating a thing.

Matthew Lewis

Few celebs have gone through as big a transformation as Matthew Lewis. The former Harry Potter star was known as the geeky Neville Longbottom for years until he emerged the other side and had his glow up.

No longer did he need magical spells to look good, Matthew worked hard in the gym to bulk up while also heading to the dentist to have work done on his teeth. It seems as though Matthew was dedicated to a change.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton was once one of the many that hid behind a computer screen and blogged about the celebrities from afar. However, that all changed when Perez decided it was time to change his life.

The blogger now works out every single day of the week and enjoys spending his time trying all different types of workouts. To top it off, Perez even enjoys having his meals delivered straight to his door to avoid the temptation of any junk food.

Raven Symone

This youngster has been in the public eye since she was just two years old, but it seems as though all the stress of the celebrity lifestyle was enough to see Raven pile on the extra weight. As if that wasn’t enough, Raven was raised in a house where they were taught not to waste any food. At 18 years old, Raven weighed in at 180 pounds.

However, that has since all changed as the actress now focuses on portion sizes.

Chris Pratt

This actor started out his time in Hollywood on the larger side thanks to his time in Parks and Recreation meaning Chris needed to pile on the pounds. However, the actor soon decided that life wasn’t for him and he wanted to get back in control.

Now, The superstar does a range of different cardio and muscle-building exercises to keep his figure ready for his time in his many blockbuster films. Not enough? Chris has even completed a triathlon in recent months!

James Corden

Although this comedian is now the hit TV host, he was once a comedy actor in the UK. Here, the star admits he used to struggle to control his urge to snack, and it was common for him to eat throughout the entire day.

Now, James is much more strict with himself to maintain his healthy lifestyle. The star was once around 315 pounds but now ensures to avoid all bread and sugar, as well as only eating at mealtimes.

Mama June

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was the reality show that shot this family to fame, but that all changed when Mama June headed to the operating room to slim down. Amazingly, the star went from a size 18 down to a size 4.

Mama June admits she loves the results but won’t be rushing back to surgery anytime soon. Instead, she is determined to prove all her haters wrong and maintain her brand new figure – even if she is hard to recognize!