Celebs Who are Innovative With Their Style

Celebrities change their look often as they take part in different projects for example in a music video, some ad campaign or even for a new film role. However there are stars that go with only one style not really changing it up. Can you imagine Gigi Hadid or Madonna with short hair? Not really because they have a style they like.
Changing a look gives a feel of being a new person completely and it may be inspiring. Here are a few celebrities who have played around with their style.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner has cut off her long waves and has now a shoulder-skimming, blunt lob. Jenner went for a silvery-platinum bob, and wished to come in 2019 with some vivid blue and black hair, a stunning style.

Madonna initiated her career with a brunette hair color. She changed her look several times, from a brunet to a pixie look to long blonde hair. Recently, the singer shared a few pictures of her new style and shocked her fans. This pop star has given up her blonde hair trademark for a dark, brunette, wavy hairstyle.

Megan Fox
Megan Fox bid “goodbye” to her dark tresses for her new role. Yes Megan Fox is no more a brunette. She will come with a short blonde hairstyle and though many would venture saying it is a wig, it is certainly not and will give off some great vibes.

Gigi Hadid
Gigi Hadid has changed her style to so much that it is hard to recognize her. In the Prada’s ad campaign, recognizing her new look, the short hair and adding to it was her invisible eyebrows making her look elegant and tender.

Naomi Campbell
Naomi Campbell also said “goodbye” to her lengthy hair, and has switched to her new hairstyle. Naomi strikes a fierce pose with her wispy bangs all these years, but the supermodel now has switched to bouncy curls, short with caramel colored highlights. Her signature look of middle-parted, long, sleek look is no more and the paparazzi snapped photos with her new rocking look.

John Travolta
John Travolta, the 64 year old shaved his head and this new style was like for the New Year and his fans have commented that he look great.

Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey is hardly recognizable as he has now a long hair and his new look makes him look like a hippie.

Kit Harington
Kit Harington has short hair and no beard now that he looks different. His association with his Game of Thrones character of Jon Snow had the look with his scruffy beard and long hair. Harrington traded his beard and famous curls for his new production.

Zac Efron
Zac Efron has a new blonde look. He looks more attractive in his new look with newly bleached locks. Paired with is his groomed brown bear and platinum hair, he is scene-stealing with his looks.

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner is no more a redhead or icy blonde with strawberry shaded hair. She dons a new look with hair auburn dyed. She opted to change her looks and her now bright blonde looks are completely new.