Movie Remakes That You Have to See

There are tons of classic movies out there that have been forgotten over time. They’ve made way for newer, flasher films that audiences seem to be craving. But, some classics are just so good they need to be rebooted, to give them so new spark and pizzazz as well as to reintroduce them to younger generations. While they may not be as great as their originals, they do have the potential to show the story in a newer way. So without further ado, here are some movie remakes that we’re excited to see this year!

Tomb Raider

Who can forget the sexy adventuress Lara Croft and all her crazy fighting skills? While you may know Angelina Jolie as the previous Lara Croft, Alicia Vikander will now be taking over the role of the tough adventurer. This, however, will not be a complete remake. The original Tomb Raider movies were based off the even earlier video games. Eventually, the games were stopped until they were rebooted in 2013. This new Tomb Raider will be based off the later versions of the game. While, Vikander has a lot to live up to, the distance between the Tomb Raider movies should help to give this one a boost of success. However, they will have to work hard to top Angelina Jolie’s claim as THE Tomb Raider.

The Predator

Predator fans can stop holding their breath because the remake is on its way. Also known as Predator 4, this movie will be the fourth installment in the series. Directed by Shane Black, the timeline of this movie will fall between the movies Predator 2 and Predators. The storyline will follow military veterans who encounter a Predator ship when in a suburban neighborhood. It promises lots of action and even more CGI effects to really wow the audience with Predators abilities.


Remember that big red guy with giant broken horns on his forehead? Well if you do then you’re in for a treat because they’re remaking Hellboy! This movie is shaping up to be even bigger and better than the last with extremely realistic details on not just Hellboy himself but the whole backdrop. Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, this movie will follow the story of Hellboy battling an ancient sorceress who is out to exact revenge. Not much information has been released about the film but that’ll just live the premiere even more exciting!


This is another film that isn’t technically a remake but it is continuing on the horror movie franchise. The storyline follows Laurie Strode and her final showdown with Michael Myers. He has been hunting her ever since she escaped his killing spree on Halloween, four decades ago. Danny McBride, who co-wrote the script, explains that they really want to take a look at Michael Myers in this film and focus on what happened during the first two movies to set up where the story can go from there. Fans will also be excited to hear that Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle will both be returning to star in their famous roles!


Action movie fans will be excited to hear about the remake of Scarface. One of the most well known crime movies of all time, is not so much getting a remake as a third story in the series. As many probably know, there are currently 2 Scarface movies, one from 1932 and 1983. This newest installment, will follow the story of a Mexican immigrant who comes to Los Angeles and rises in the criminal underground. Problems have arisen with casting and even changes in directors but it’s not stopping fans from highly anticipating the release of this new movie.