Hauntingly Chilling Photos

While some people like to let their imaginations run wild when it comes to different situations in life, other people don’t believe in anything that can be properly explained. The following photographs depict inexplicable moments that capture kind of scary times. Whether they are simply the result of hoaxes, double exposure or other clever photographic techniques, they will continue to circulate, providing endless inspiration for Halloween ghost stories and chilling tales.

Electrocuted By 1,500 Volts

Xenia Ignatyeva was a Russian teenager who was only a month away from her 18th birthday. She was amongst the many teens that started following a terrible trend, attempting to take the best and most dangerous selfies ever. But the teenager decided that she wanted to take more than just a selfie, and climbed a railway bridge in order to pose for this photo. Unfortunately, she lost balance and fell from the 30ft high bridge, being electrocuted by 1,500 volts as she grabbed live wires during her fall.

One Foot in the Grave

According to both the photographer and the subject, there were only the two of them present when this photograph was taken. The woman pictured is the mother of the person behind the camera and neither of them saw the slightest hint that anyone else was around. Even more strangely, the man lurking in the background there is none other than the woman’s husband and he passed away over 10 years prior to this shot being taken. I guess death doesn’t always part!

A Weird Companion On The Right

As far as these two friends were concerned, they were just having fun taking selfies while exploring Manila in the Philippines. Unbeknownst to them, someone else clearly decided they wanted to join in the fun. Of course, the benefit of taking selfies with a cell phone means that, as they snapped the shot, they could already see the ghostly figure hanging out beside them. The girl on the right must have had shivers running down her spine. If you think that’s a creepy threesome, look at the next picture.

Plane Shot Down

This photo was taken by a doting father who decided to take a snap of his wife and four-year-old daughter during flight. They are obviously happy and probably on the way home or to a family vacation. Sadly, they were one of the many families who were on board the MH17 place, that was shot down over Ukraine before it ever arrived at its destination.

Challenger Exploded

This group of astronauts looks absolutely delighted and excited for the adventure they were just about to hop in. Their expressions say it all! They were a part of a Space Shuttle program that had taken off before and was successful 9 times. No one thought that the tenth time would be different. Just 72 seconds into its tenth mission, the shuttle broke apart and sadly all seven people in the picture were killed.

Balancing Act

This is Pavel Kashin. We are not really sure if he was brave or foolish, but what happened to him is definitely sad. The daredevil was known across social media for his stunts and tricks, and in this photo, he attempts no less than that. He decided to try out a backflip on the edge of a 16 story fall and actually managed to complete the flip. Unfortunately, he lost balance right away and fell.

9-11 Heroes

By looking at this photo, you would never think that it was the woman o the left that would lose her life. This photo was taken during the 9/11 terrorist attack. Mora Smith was one of the first brave policewomen to report the attacks and is helping a man affected by it in the picture. Just a few moments later, she rushed to the south tower to save more lives, and the building collapsed on top of her.

Boeing 707 Crashed With U.S Figure Skating Team

The US Figure Skating Tema is on their way to the World Figure Skating Championships in Prague in 1961. They are clearly excited and proud, looking very determined to achieve their common goal. In this photo, they stood posing in front of the plane that would take them to the competition. No one would have thought that the flight would never get to its destination, crashing on the way from New York to Belgium.

Head On Collusion

When you first look at it, this looks like your everyday happy selfie, taken by two friends without a care in the world. And that would be truth, but in this particular case, it’s the last seflie one of them would ever be taking. Collette Moreno was being given a lift to her own bachelorette party in Missouri by her friend Ashley Theobald, when she decided to take a selfie to capture the excitement going on in that moment. Unfortunately, taking selfies while driving, even if you aren’t behind the wheel can be dangerous, and Collette, the bride to be, was killed just moments later in a head on collision.

Crazy Lightening

Some events seem like photo-worthy moments, but actually should be taken more as a warning sign. This should have been one of them. Remember the man who got a positive pregnancy test, which turned out to be an indicator of cancer? Well, this is something almost similar. The two brothers Michael and Sean took this photo when out camping in California’s Sequoia National Park. Shortly after the photo was taken, they weren’t smiling quite as much when they were both struck by lightning. Luckily, they both survived to tell the tale.

A Deadly Daredevil

If you want to raise money for a worthy cause, you have to get attention by pushing the limits. Robert Overacker was hoping to raise awareness and money for the homeless, and so, in 1995, he set out to do an incredible feat, Jet Ski over Niagara Falls. Unfortunately, though, life is not always fair… We will never really know if he might have managed this, as his rocket-propelled parachute never opened, and he fell to his death. This photo is taken right beforehand.

Train Accident

This is is one of the most haunting photos so far, and very sad indeed. This man was simply pushed by a crowd into the train tracks, showing everyone’s worst nightmare. He tried tirelessly to get himself up but didn’t manage. 58-year-old Ki-Su Han died immediately when the train made an impact, leaving his children and wife behind.

The Truck Stop Killer

This photo was taken by the Truck Stop Killer, whose real name is Robert Ben Rhoades. The man is believed to have killed and raped more than 50 women. None of the women were ever found. In this particular photo, his last victim, 14-year-old Regina Kay Walters looks clearly terrified of what is just about to happen to her. Rhodes is now in prison, serving two life sentences.

Ayano Tokumasu

This photo was initially just a photo of a couple on a holiday enjoying the Niagara Falls. In the background though, it’s possible to see a 20-year-old Japanese tourist, who was in Canada studying at the time. She had been doing what was very prohibited to all, which was leaning over the railings when this photo was taken. When she tried to come back, her foot slipped and she fell. It took five police and fire departments to find her body.

Death by Selfie

This selfie was taken by Oscar Otero Aguilar, who very, unfortunately, decided to take a selfie while holding a gun to his head. This could have very sadly been avoided, but it wasn’t. The gun went off by mistake, killing the man instantly. He had been drinking with friends prior to the event, and the 21-year-old took this photo just a couple of moments before the sad incident.

Broken Wings

Another sad air travel incident. It is just to show that air travel was much less safe in the good old days. In the photo, William Becker, the mayor of St Louis from 1941 to 1943, and other colleagues take part in a demonstration for a completely brand new aircraft. The right wing broke the moment the plane took off, and all passenger on board were killed.

Down to Earth

The man behind the camera is a Jim Templeton and he took this snapshot of his daughter in 1964, three years after the first humans went into space. According to Templeton, the only other person around at the time was his wife and she was definitely not wearing a space suit! To add further mystery to the event, Templeton claims he was approached a few days later by two men in black, asking exactly where the photo had been taken. Read on for the next spooky revelation.

Monster of the Deep

Much like the Loch Ness monster or Big Foot, there are many who claim this strange creature doesn’t exist but even the most skeptical find it hard to explain away this photographic evidence. Despite some serious doubts about the authenticity of this photograph, taken 1907, the men pictured with this legendary Cadborosaurus, maintained the truth of this strange discovery until their deathbeds. They’re not the only ones who claim to have seen and captured this sea monster, with the latest reported sighting occurring off the coast of Alaska in 2009.

A Dead Photobomb

This just goes to show that there’s no reason why being dead shouldn’t stop you from bombing a photo of all your friends. This photograph was taken in 1919 and depicts an almost complete squadron… there was just one missing. Freddy Jackson died as the result of a bizarre encounter with a propeller and his funeral took place on the same day as these guys lined up for a photo shoot. It seems Freddy snuck in at the last minute and joined the ranks in the back row.

That’s the Spirit, Literally

Regardless of whether you believe we are reincarnated or spirited off to live with the angels in the clouds, you have to admit this is a little strange. The wisp of white vapors above this man’s head appears to be his spirit leaving his body. Maybe this is an echo of the bright light some have reported seeing during a near-death experience… or maybe someone was blowing smoke rings through the air vent. We’ll never know, just as the mystery of the next photograph will probably never be revealed.

Who Is In The Back?

While it may seem a little odd to take a photograph of your husband as he prepares to drive away from a cemetery but, in 1959, cars and cameras were still pretty novel inventions which possibly explains why Mrs. Mabel Chinnery decided to capture this moment on celluloid. At the time, she didn’t see anyone in the car except her husband, the driver, but once the photograph was developed, the image of a man hitching a ride in the back seat became evident.

The Presence of God?

The most devout religious followers often claim to feel God’s presence and it would certainly appear that some spirit is occupying this English church. Peter Bethelot and his wife were visiting a church while holidaying in Norfolk in 1975. Peter decided to capture this peaceful moment for the photo album, not realizing that it would become something of a sensation. The strange white figure behind his wife looks rather pleased with herself, giving us all hope that the afterlife is something to look forward to after all.

Wedding Crasher

This more recent photo was taken at Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire, England in 2008. The photographer, Neil Sandbach, was taking photos of the venue prior to a wedding and, on developing his photos, noticed this childlike apparition in the corner. Although reports vary as to the gender of this child, those who know the farm well say s/he is a regular visitor. If you choose this as the venue for your big day, set a place for an extra person, just in case.

Forest Fairies

Eager wildlife photographers and researchers who just want to know what’s hiding under the shadow of darkness will sometimes set up covert cameras in the hopes of catching a glimpse of nocturnal life. Whatever the intention was for this photographer, it’s unlikely they were expecting anything quite like this. Rather ethereal in appearance, this is definitely not a living child running around the woods in the middle of the night. Whether a child or a fairy, it’s hard to tell, but whatever it is, it’s a little unnerving.

Window to Another World

This gentleman looks decidedly pleased with himself, despite the rather dilapidated state of the house. Maybe the house isn’t his so he’s not too perturbed by its shambolic state. The woman clearly pictured standing at one of the downstairs windows looks less impressed but, then again, it’s probably quite difficult to upbeat when you’re dead. The identity of this shadowy figure has never been revealed so the mystery lives on even if the ghost doesn’t. Keep reading for more afterlife phenomena.

September Specter

This unsettling image from the demolished Twin Towers was taken on the unforgettable day of September 11, 2001. People were leaping from the buildings in an attempt to save their own lives, but this woman just seems to be waving. Given the extent of the damage behind her, it’s difficult to believe she could have survived the impact and, as she was never found, and no one came forward to identify her, it seems we’ll never find out the whole story.

Hanging Around

It’s terrifying to think something like this is hanging from the ceiling while you tuck into a healthy meal with your family. Behind the scenes is the father of the family who thought he would capture this moment of domestic bliss for future generations. What he didn’t know was that a terrifying dark figure would appear in the snapshot once it was developed. Must have given him the fright of his life and it makes you wonder if they didn’t decide to move to a new house soon after.

A Different Division

As the lead singer of the successful British band, Joy Division, Ian Curtis was at the height of his fame when he committed suicide on 18th May 1980. Having struggled with both epilepsy and depression throughout his life, Curtis decided to end his pain and suffering on the eve of his band’s North American tour. This photograph was taken on the day he died and is one of the few his daughter, Natalie, would have to remember her father by. From one sad story to another…

House of Horrors

Although it no longer exists, 112 Ocean Avenue is a famous address and the scene of a horrendous crime. In 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdered six members of his family in this comfortable Long Island home. Subsequent residents, the Lutzes, claim to have been the victims of terrifying hauntings during their time there and their story later inspired the horror movie series, Amityville Horror. While the address has changed, the house is still standing and still, some say, has some phantom residents, like the little boy pictured here.

Eerie Exposure

The art of taking a selfie has been perfected over the years since cell phones evolved to the point of including directional cameras. These two girls were hoping to capture a nice shot to post on Facebook but ended up with a rather ghoulish imposter in their picture. Although unaware of her presence at the time, both girls claim they saw an old woman dressed in Victorian clothing lurking around. It seems she also wanted a little bit of exposure on social media.

A Vision of Death

Similar to the photograph in #14, the gentleman in this photograph is breathing his last breath and preparing to meet his maker. The picture appears to reveal some blurred white discs emanating from his body as his life on Earth comes to an end. There are a number of similar photographs around and a Russian scientist, Konstantin Korotkov, claims to have perfected the art of capturing the moment a soul departs by using a bio electrographic camera. It seems our world is even more over-populated than we thought.

Patient Poltergeists

Even the most modern hospital gives some of us the shivers so it’s no wonder than a derelict hospital would conjure up some pretty scary imaginings. This photograph was taken in Waverly Hills in Kentucky and the photographer claims the building was empty at the time, with this freaky phantom appearing only after the fact. It seems she could see the camera, though, as she appears to be looking right at it. Believers say she was a former patient, skeptics say it’s a trick of the light.

Disturbing Dinner Dates

It seems everyone in this photo is behaving very normally given that they appear to be in the company of a very tall and strangely dressed man with a masked face. Taken at St. Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry, England, this photo shows a gala event held there in 1985. The tall man on the left of this picture wasn’t seen by anyone else in attendance. As the Guildhall was once a prison, many believe this was one of the convicts formerly incarcerated at St Mary’s.

Oh Lord!

Many claims this famous photograph provides conclusive proof that ghosts do exist. Taken in 1891, shortly after the death of Lord Combermere, the picture shows the deceased old man reclining in his favorite chair in the library at his old home. The camera was set up by Combermere’s sister, Sybil, who then left the house to go and attend her brother’s funeral some four miles away. It was only on her return that she discovered her brother had, seemingly, missed his own burial.

Portraits of the Past

Taking family photographs in the past wasn’t quite as straightforward as it is today and, with the length of time needed for the correct exposure, there was definitely more room for error. This is why many people claim images such as provide little evidence of supernatural life on earth. Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe that this floating phantom is purely the result of a technical glitch or a mistake that occurred during development. Even if you’re feeling skeptical about the whole thing, the next photo will make you think again.

Fact or Folklore?

When Corey Carlsonn posted this photo on Instagram, he captivated the imagination of many of his followers. He claims the photo reveals the ghostly apparition of a woman known as Curtis Johnston. Corey conjured up a story of how this woman disappeared from the same house where he was living at the time. After a little digging, however, it transpires that the woman in the photo is actually Girley Riley and Carlsonn lifted the picture off the internet and superimposed it onto his own snapshot. Clever, but not real.

Paranormal Propellers

It’s hard to say whether this lady actually went up in the helicopter she’s sitting in, but if she, she may have ended up having the ride of her life. Although she wasn’t aware of it at the time, there’s another pilot sitting next to her, ready for take-off. Imagine she’d been flying over the Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, UK when she realized she wasn’t alone. If her hair wasn’t already grey, it probably would’ve been after that!

A Long Lie In

We’ve all heard the phrase, you made your bed so lie in it, but it’s rather disconcerting when you find someone else lying in what you thought would be your comfy safe zone for the night. This photograph was taken at a bed and breakfast in Worley, Georgia in 1999 and it must’ve been rather disconcerting for the holidaymakers when they returned from their vacation to find there was an extra tenant in the room… he probably didn’t even go Dutch with them.

Space Invaders

Given the sheer numbers of aliens who have been reportedly spotted popping into Earth, it’s a miracle there are any humans left to entice them back. Nevertheless, Stefan Michalak claims to have seen two UFOs land in May 1967. The doors then opened, and he claims to have heard voices speaking in a strange language inside. When he tried to get closer to explore further, he was burnt by an object, leaving these scorch marks on his stomach. There’s no evidence to corroborate his story… or not.

A Bolivian Banshee

These guys playing hi-jinks outside the elevation were completely oblivious to the fact that they were being watched by a phantom in the elevator. True, the elevator arrived, and the door mysteriously opened but, having looked inside, they concluded that no one was there and continued messing around. Even the photographer had little idea of what they had captured on film until it was developed and the shadowy figure in the elevator was revealed. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll take the stairs.

Demons Before Death

This stooped, demonic form appears to be dancing on a patient’s bed and was captured on a monitor used by nurses to keep an eye on their charges. Soon after this apparition was seen performing a little death dance, the patient in that specific bed passed away. Of course, it doesn’t mean the two incidents are related but it would be an uncanny coincidence if they weren’t. It makes you doubt that this particular soul was on its way to heaven.

Face it – it’s a Ghost

The daughter of the lady in the photograph has studied this image at length over the years it has been in her possession. Her father snapped this shot of his wife in 1943 while they were in Kaposfüred, Hungary. It could be the result of a double exposure or dodgy equipment, but it looks uncannily like a girl with no arms or face is standing in the background. Nothing like a trip down memory lane to reveal some skeletons in the closet – a little like the next shot.

Every Picture Tells a Story

Taking a photo of someone else taking a photo has always struck me as strange, but this is even stranger. Is the person lurking behind the lady in the picture a family member who’s just too shy to come out from the shadows? In sense, it would be better if it really was a ghost because if this is the lady’s daughter, she’s really got something serious to worry about. Those glowing demonic eyes really give you the creeps while the half-smile suggests something really evil is going on here.

Home Alone

Taken at a residential home in Crewe, England, this appears to be a group of mates enjoying an evening in together. Unfortunately for them, they seem to have an unexpected guest who’s keen to join in the frivolities. According to the homeowner, the previous resident died unexpectedly and, in addition to shadowy figures floating in front of Big Ben, he also heard footsteps and other strange noises when alone in the house. In similar circumstances, many of us might decide to go house hunting.

Aged Apparitions

A nursing home is probably one of the Grim Reaper’s favorite haunts and it appears one of the residents in this particular home caught him red-handed. Prior to this shot being taken, nurses noticed the call light in one of the nearby rooms flashing on and off, even though the room was vacant. Apparently, one of the residents passed away just a few minutes before this picture was taken, so it could be their soul heading on to greener pastures, or it could be the reaper himself.

Fantastic Phantoms

According to some experts, this is one of the best pieces of photographic evidence attesting to the existence of ghosts. They are a little tricky to spot, with the first one more clearly defined hovering to the right of the staircase, and a rather blurrier image heading up the stairs towards the people descending. It was taken in the Stanley Hotel in Colorado which has had so many reported sightings and freaky incidents that a night there inspired Stephen King to write his famous book, The Shining.

Stairway to Heaven

This is another image that has been scrutinized by experts who have confirmed its authenticity. It was taken at the National Maritime Museum in the UK by a Rev. Ralph Hardy. The staircase in the picture is known as the Tulip Staircase and it was only this that the retired clergyman expected to see when he had his photos developed. A friend noticed the apparition and enquired after their identity. Although no one really knows, some suggest it is the spirit of a maid who died there 300 years ago.

The Figure in the Fire

This is a controversial photograph which has been validated by the Royal Photographic Society but discredited by others. The girl in the image is surrounded by flames and those who believe in this picture’s authenticity claim it is the wraith of a young girl who, in 1677, set fire to her home, causing a widespread blaze that destroyed much of the town of Wem in the English county of Shropshire. Certainly, no human could stand so close to the flames and maintain such self-control.

A Vision Unveiled

This is one of the most famous photographs capturing a haunting to ever exist and was taken for the Country Life magazine in 1936. The ghost, known as the ‘Brown Lady’ has been seen on numerous occasions but never photographed with such clarity. The phantom is believed to be the spirit of Lady Dorothy Townshend who died in Raynham Hall in 1726. While the official cause of death was smallpox, her posthumous presence in the house has inspired a wealth of rumors.


No one can ever forget the 2004 Tsunami that struck South-East Asia. It happened in the middle of December, and it was one os the most devastating tsunamis of all time. It killed more than two hundred and thirty thousand people and injured other thousands. Amongst them was the young Deborah Garlick, who was on a vacation in Thailand. Her parents found this photo when they retrieved her belongings.